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Leo, the Lion

On your birthday, the Sun (your essential individuality) was at home in the masculine sign, Leo. The fifth sign of the Zodiac, Leo is ruled by the life-giving Sun, the lord of our solar system. A fixed (strong and solid) sign, Leo governs will and authority. It is a fire sign, which means Leo people are grand, confident and generous, although they tend to be egocentric and can be somewhat overbearing.

The Sun, the ruler of our inner nature, is enthroned in Leo, the sign of its own house, or rulership. This energy is thoroughly regal, the lion being the king of beasts, for proud Leo regards himself as the natural centre of attention - and confidently expects others to step back and pay homage when his bushy mane is displayed in the limelight...

Glamorous Leo enjoys a thoroughgoing love of life and all its pleasures. As the Sun bestows light and life without favour, the benefactor of every living thing on this earth, so you, genial host and natural entertainer, get inordinant pleasure from helping others enjoy life as much as you do.

Enthusiasm, generosity and your sunny disposition inspires the affection of many friends and admirers, while turning those with less popular personalities green with envy. Though full of ambition and enthusiasm, Leo has to admit to a lazy streak and, given the opportunity, will take the easy way out, especially when a situation offers little fun or glory. This is something lazy, luxurious Leo needs to watch.

Determined Leo, a fixed sign, can be rather stubborn and resistant to imposed changes. In many ways this is a plus, for it gives you the stamina to accomplish things in life, due to your tenacity. You can stick with projects when other more easily distracted souls lose concentration or interest. This stubbornness, which you prefer to think of as consistency and determination, is, however, dictated more often than not by your ego.

It is easy for pleasure-loving Leo to become addicted to rich food, and as the cat gets older you find yourself putting on weight. Your gregarious nature makes it hard to enjoy or stick to boring, solitary physical fitness routines, but you may not mind dressing up in flashy gym outfits and joining an exercise class. Dancing, swimming, and tennis are your favourites, though you are quite keen on sports of all kinds. Playing to the grandstand when starring on the field is an everpresent temptation, but perhaps you ought to remember, in team sports even the king of beasts is still supposed to be part of a team. Arts and crafts, theatre groups, philanthropic societies and religious organizations attract your interest and participation.

Leo rules the back and heart, so people with Leo active in their charts are subject to over-exertion, general problems with stress in the back and ailments of the heart. You have a strong constitution and can usually overcome your problems, many of which are of your own making, due to overindulgence.

Best colours are gold, royal purple, and orange. Leo rules metallic gold, and your birthstone is the sardonyx. An appropriate representative of Leo's versatile, creative personality, the intriguing sardonyx is a variety of agate that exists in many colors and can be cut in many ways. One of the special ways it is used is in making cameos. Flowers for Leo include the showy dahlia, yellow lily, red poppy, marigold, sunflower, and heliotrope.

Leo in Relationships

Leo Compatibility: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

Personal charm and physical magnetism make you the centre of attention, which of course is very much to your satisfaction... An ardent lover, your enthusiasm and passion must be returned in equal measure, or you may become bored and dissatisfied with your wimpy partner. A weak partner invites you to completely dominate the scene, a situation which is less than ideal for both parties. In every case you need to keep your ego under control, even when surrounded by admirers and sycophants.

Leo, a masculine sign, is self-sufficient, confident and tends to bravado. Most of you fabulous cats have a positive attitude to love and sex, but there are those among you who suffer excruciating pangs of anxiety in relationship. Why, you ask? Well, simply put, it is fear that the reality may not live up to the unduly grandiose image that you seek to present to the world. Sexual anxiety may become so intense in some cases as to generate frigity or impotence. So in a relationship, Leo loves to be the central, pivotal point around which all things revolve. A romantic and a dreamer, you make your dreams come true because you have strength, determination and a blithe faith in yourself - a faith which can overcome obstacles with that characteristic ease which seems so remarkable to more introverted souls.

Some Leo's can find themselves clinging to bad relationships or mistaken beliefs, because their egos simply will not allow them to admit to being wrong. However, such typical tenacity becomes an asset when shown as loyalty to friends, or as patience and determination to succeed.

Leo's emblem is the noble Lion. This dignified king of the jungle symbolises the regal disposition of the Leo personality. However, standing on your pride when insulted or abused, you rarely forget a slight (unless of course your detractors sincerely, humbly and grovellingly crave forgiveness, whereupon you may magnanimously deign to pardon the miserable creatures). It must, moreover, be said that you are quite forthright in your opinions, which themselves need have no close relationship with the facts - and you certainly like to have the last word in any discussion.

Leo Rising

Leo Rising gives you a strong physique and lots of physical stamina. You can be very stubborn and find it extremely difficult to break undesirable habits and behaviour patterns. However, this same tenacity and stamina can also be a wonderful asset. When you get involved in something, you hang on long after everyone else runs out of steam, and you inspire others with your devotion to ideals and principles.

Leo has loads of energy and enthusiasm, so, once motivated, you seldom hesitate to act. In spite of all this energy and enthusiasm, the Big Cat can be downright lazy at times. A natural enthusiasm inclines to overabundance and the tendency to overestimate everything. When buying various personal items, for example, you usually acquire far more than you need. Though often rash and hasty, your passions are sincere.

Leo is ruled by the sun, lord of willpower and egotistical drives. Your conscious or subconscious need to dominate means you want the last word in everything, and may come to believe your opinion is the only one worth considering. The negative potential for Leo Ascendant comes out in those whose ego-driven personalities turn them into manipulative, power-oriented demagogues. Though generally outgoing, you are not necessarily aggressive or loudly gregarious. Your personality will be greatly influenced by the nature and strength of your willpower and ego involvement (that is, the placement of your sun and whether it is strengthened by sign and aspect). If the willpower and ego are not strong, then neither is the personality apt to be assertive.

No matter how the rest of the world may see you, it is meaningless compared to how you see yourself. Intense self-absorption makes it hard to accept guidance from others, and you may feel taking or asking for advice is a sign of weakness. You most enjoy associating with those who allow you to shine. Your flamboyant generosity and warm, friendly approach wins many friends, as well as arousing the envy of those with less popular personalities. Life with you is anything but routine.

Your natural creativity gives special talent or ability in art, music, or the entertainment and communication industries. Overwork, anxiety, heart problems, lower back pains, and ailments connected with overindulgence are the most likely physical complaints.