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(July 23 - August 23)
sun . . . . . the lion
Leo Gemstone: Ruby
August Birthstone: Sardonyx or Peridot
flowers: water lily, nasturtium
lucky star: the sun
lucky day: Sunday
lucky color: yellow
lucky numbers: 2, 7

You are romantic, affectionate and loyal. A talented leader who is often at the center of attention. Because you are sympathetic to others and honest in all your endeavors, you have little trouble attracting members of the opposite sex, and likewise are skilled at making and keeping friends. Although you do not respond well to criticism, you are blessed with an intellectual brilliance which will allow you to succeed in such fields as music, art, and science. Financial rewards may be slow in coming, but in the end monetary gains will propel you into a comfortable financial independence. Leos are best known for being warm-hearted and generous.

Love-Relationship compatibility


LEO and ARIES, a perfect match! Radiating life and warmth, these two will have a love that flourishes with wonderful hot-house impetuosity. You see, the Leo is a born lover and the Aries responds in kind with affection, sympathy, and fire. The Aries will temper the Leo’s tendency towards excessive extravagance. Their home will be a gathering place filled with contagious amusements for friends and family.


LEO and TAURUS, maybe not the most secure of matches, but certainly romantic! Number One Rule is, “Beware the Leo Bringing Flowers!” Leo can turn the world of Taurus upside down with new sensations and daring activities. The Taurean heart does bungee jumps! Taurus must be careful with Leo. Leos can be reckless and extreme in almost every way.


LEO and GEMINI are under a canopy of romance. Leo is absolutely wild and extravagant expressing wild passion, scaring poor Gemini to distraction. Once Geminis learn to trust, they too will be transformed into ravishing love tigers.


Cancer has a deep, tender, loving nature which appeals to the passionate lover Leo. However, Leo’s need to live in the moment often clashes with the needs of Cancer for a permanent lasting relationship.

for LEO & LEO

LEO and LEO. To life! With hothouse impetuosity, these two are pleasure-seekers to the core! They will completely understand each other, that’s for sure, but they will probably be utterly exhausted “dancing with the devil.” The key is pacing! Pace this relationship with occasional time apart and when you’re together, slow down. Spend time in the mountains, at the shore. You will keep romance, youth, and exuberance lasting towards the end of time.


VIRGO and LEO. These two are from different planets, but even aliens can win friends. This relationship will be filled with contrasts: cold and hot, calculating and impulsive, analytical versus “playing it by ear.” The saving grace is sharing of remarkable vitality, courage, and determination. Learn to tango; it takes two to do it well!


LEO and LIBRA. As these two play footsies under the dinner table, the Leo and Libra marvel at their compatibility. Great friends, their relationship is filled with understanding and complete acceptance of one another. Although lacking great passion, these two will stick by each other through thick or thin and will never need to worry about the vagaries of love.


Scorpio cannot stand being held too tightly or being handcuffed to love. Once Leo demands love or shows jealousy, good-bye love. Fortunately, Leo is pretty independent and confident and knows when to stay away. Both have a weakness for the good life and pampering the senses. Although their marriage will always have a “butterflies in the stomach” feeling, with discipline they can shape a sensationally beautiful life for themselves.


SAGITTARIUS and LEO. Oh, Mama Mia! Such a match! Two energetic, progressive people, rich in love and hope. Their relationship will be like the Fourth of July, filled with fireworks, independence, and indomitable energy. Their relationship will be a sacred thing, filled with nobility and faithfulness, constant renewal. No rerun season for them!


LEO and CAPRICORN. Capricorn tends to be cold and calculating, quite off-putting to the impetuous, warm and fiery Leo. The Capricorn dances the minuet while Leo Lindy Hops! Nevertheless, Capricorns have an insatiable thirst for learning (about everything!) that is quite contagious. Leo can add zest to the quest! Together they can teach each other about the world.


LEO and AQUARIUS. This relationship could have its problems, communication for one thing. Oftentimes Aquarians want to retire within themselves and Leos want to “fight it out.” But when the time comes for Aquarians to come through adversity, they come through every time with sublimity divine. Leo is waiting, full of love and sympathy. Together, intensity on fire!


PISCES and LEO. Pisceans are so idealistic they often find their comets are street lamps after all. But, a Leo will never disappoint, bringing spicy zest to the love quest. Together, they will sail over the dark places. They will find melancholy and cross many bridges but they will also find soaring cathedrals, nature, and a home full of unselfish devotion.