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an article by Archie de Calma, The Journal, 5 January 1999, p. 13

The kind of a loveteam which drugstores will uninhibitedly sell in its safe generic form, Antoinette Taus and Dingdong Dantes, when combined, sparks wholesome madness. They seem to create pandemonium without resorting to too much sugar coating.

"We just came up with this public service at the PGH," Antoinette Says with excitement. "We visited the charity ward of the hospital. I couldn't help but be affected with the conditions of those poor and needy children who are still being treated for their grave illness."

"We distributed toys. It was a warm feeling afterwards."

"But before everything, I felt sad while looking at the patients," she tells us.

Last Christmas season was a busy one for the said loveteam being given the necessary push by Viva via "Honey, My Love, So Sweet" as their launching pic with the others (Kim delos Santos - Dino Guevarra and Sunshine Dizon - Polo Ravales).

"We had two fans' days scheduled and gift-giving activity at Robinson's Galleria," Dingdong adds.

Even during the merrymaking season, Antoinette and Dingdong were not spared from intrigues. There was an incident which happened at the set of Anna Karenina when Dingdong appeared in his first episode as a regular on the soap. He was challenged to a kissing scene with another young star named Katya Santos.

"There was no crying incident," explains Toni. "I won't cry just for a silly kissing scene involving other people!"

"I was inside the OB van when I watched the kissing scene. I was laughing. I didn't cry. Perhaps, they thought I cried but I didn't. Why should I cry?"

Other people who were around at that time told Dingdong that his ladylove got upset because of the kissing scene.

"Everybody was doing it like some sort of playtime," Dingdong enthuses. "But I found out that Toni didn't cry and there wasn't any reason for her to reach that way because even before the taping, I have already explained to her what I was supposed to do regarding that kissing scene."

Dingdong doesn't think of it as an additional load to his bulk of work. Being part of "Anna Karenina" is more of an added fun.

"Yeah, and more fun for me, too," says Antoinette.

"Of course, I'd be with Toni again," Dingdong quips. "There will be more days that we're going to be together. Yeah, at this point, it has been almost everyday that we're seeing each other. No, I don't get tired of it. I love it, actually. The more days that we're together, uh, the merrier."

Schooling is first and foremost among Dingdong's priorities. The guy is enrolled at San Beda College, and he's also determined to finish a crash course on computer at STI.

"A week in December, I had perfect absences and that was bad. So, I asked the help of my teachers. I'm happy that they're very supportive, giving me all those make-up projects and quizzes."

"It's up to me if I can cope with the demands of the school," Dingdong sighs.

Does it inspire Toni now that Dingdong is already a part of "Anna Karenina"?

"He's really my ka-loveteam, so it inspires me in that angle," Toni confesses. "We're already special friends. It's because we already enjoy each other's company."

"It's happier now that we're working together in another TV show."

In terms of education, Toni is handling only a few units in Ateneo de Manila where she's taking up Political Science.

"Dingdong is full load so it's more difficult on him," says Toni. "He goes to school everyday. Whereas, I go to school on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only. With Dingdong, it's a lot harder."

What's this we heard that at one time, Toni's parents met Dingdong's. They had a dinner meeting which was quite intriguing.

"They just talked about our career," explains Toni.

"Just a form of socialization, I guess," Dingdong butts in.

Toni retorts back, "It's kinda bonding, you know. My mom and his mom already knew each other from way back, I guess, when they were in college."

Dingdong tells people about how their parents help him and Toni on their undertakings. Like the PGH activity, it could have not been possible without their parents' guidance and cooperation.

"Private conference 'yun, so they have discussed some personal matters, of course," says Dingdong.

How about their parents' reaction regarding the loveteam?

"We should support each other, like two families bonding together. It must be teamwork. Especially on special projects like the PGH thing, our families were there. Not just for the loveteam, I guess," Dingdong answers.

Does Toni's parents ask Dingdong if he's courting their daughter?

"No, they don't ask. We don't have to talk about it because we know what's good and what's not...," says Dingdong.

"They know that we're friends. Wala lang. They don't put malice...," adds Toni.

"I'm aware with my limitations. They know what I should and should not do," Dingdong points out again.

Toni reveals that her parents always remind her of the possible consequences if she gets into something serious.

"Even when I was a kid, they always give the advice. I just say yes. But these things were kinda implanted inside my brain already. They have been talking about it for years, 'no!"

Dingdong is so glad to tell us about his parents special caring for Antoinette.

"They encourage me to be nice to Toni. They tell me to go for it!" Dingdong expresses.

Toni's parents like Dingdong, too. According to the senior Tauses, they also like Dingdong for their daughter.

"But it's not a problem to us if it holds true that they oppose to the union. They're not against a possible relationship. What they don't want is for us to get involved with each other at a very young age. Definitely, not yet now," explains Toni.

Nevertheless, Toni's parents like Dingdong as somebody close enough to their daughter.

"They know Dingdong already, especially my mom. They're always together," Toni points out.

The playdate for "Honey, My Love, So Sweet" has been moved to give way for "Sumigaw Ka Hanggang Gusto Mo." Anyway, Toni and Dingdong like it that way for their movie to be finished at its most regular pace.

"We don't have to rush. There are still more scenes to be painstakingly taken, so we really have to patiently wait. That will be more of an advantage for our movie, so watch out for that!" says the two in chorus.