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an article from Today, Style section, 26 June 1998

NOW, dear, we all do remember what was supposedly said about this politician early in his career, don't we-that thing about being so young and already so corrupt? Well, this could be easily paraphrased to describe the simmering rivalry between Antoinette Taus and Kim de los Santos, which I gathered from my Vicious Circle is about to go from bad to worse. "So young and such divas already!" The rivalry is being stoked by who else but the increasingly rabid supporters of the young starlets, with Antoinette's fans bragging about how Viva Entertainment Group, to which both are under exclusive contracts, has obviously fancied her as its new darling to be primped and polished and launched to (hopefully) full-blown stardom. Think about it, dear. As any of the young lady's fans will be most happy to tell you, not only is Antoinette-just recently added to the cast of the TGIS-getting more focus in the juvenile TV program on GMA but also she easily acquired Dingdong Dantes, the young heartthrob-in-the-making, as her reel romantic interest.

In case you haven't been followng TGIS, the young man was romantically interested (for reel, of course) in Kim before Antoinette came along.

Well, dear, guess what? Now that Dino Guevarra, another young man from TGIS, is emerging as no less promising a heartthrob material, I gathered from my Vicious Circle that, supposedly, Antoinette recently made it known to Viva executives that she would rather have the boy as her reel admirer instead of Dingdong. (Does that hurt, young man?) Tell me, dear, is it just sheer coincidence that, just like Dingdong before he was paired off to Antoinette, Dino is currently in romantic pursuit of Kim in the TV series? The poor dear-Kim, not Antoinette-seems to be playing it smart by simply and meekly shrugging her shoulders, resigning herself to whatever her so-called mother studio's career designs may be. After all, dear, playing a meek, little lamb worked wonders for years for Ate Guy.

As for Antoinette, my Vicious Circle huffed that it might do the young lady some good to be told of that old French truism about the merde wanting everything and ending up getting nothing.