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an article from People's Journal, 12 February 1999, p. 17

One barkada's careless venture into an old abandoned building leads them to extraordinary adventures and a bond that will change their lives forever. After reaching a secret garden strangely situated at the heart of a decrepit structure, the youngsters discover a gateway to other dimensions. When they explore the area, a mysterious vortex sucks one of their friends into oblivion.

Traumatized by the whole event, they decide to go their separate ways and forever forget the tragic episode in their life. One becomes a journalist, another an executive at an advertising agency, another sets up a business, and the last does not leave town and becomes an artist-painter.

Years later, the vortex once again opens up as a younger barkada discovers the secret garden. The team encounters a shape-shifter. Soon after, the past catches up with the original barkada as they all experience the inexplicable. The journalist starts seeing the politicians he interviews as vampires, the artist suddenly paints creatures from the netherworld, and the advertising executive's scar starts bleeding again. The mysterious happenings prompt them to join forces in battlingg the demons from the past. Bound by the need to deal with their fears as they band together with the new generation to unravel and solve the mysteries of the vortex, oftentimes challenging the most fearsome and sinister creatures. Each episode drives the barkada to the absolute extreme and to an exciting adventure beyond time, beyond space, and beyond imagination.

Featuring a star-studded cast which includes Aiko Melendez, Bobby Andrews, Dingdong Dantes, Kim delos Santos, Dino Guevarra, Ciara Sotto, Mariel Lopez, Anne Curtis, Chubi del Rosario and Aiza Marquez. The newest mystery-adventure series TEXT premieres on February 16, Tuesday, 9 p.m. on GMA.