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excerpts from an article by Elvert C. Banares, Critix Edge, Blitz Magazine, 9 February 1999, p. 31

Here now are the 12 Entertainers of 1998. These are the people who exerted laudable efforts (without trying to) and entertained the nation last year. They matter and they need to be remembered and highlighted.

1. Marilou Diaz-Abaya
2. Rosanna Roces
3. Eric Quizon
4. Ara Mina
5. Marvin Agustin
6. Butch Jimenez / Jimmy Duavit

7. Dingdong Dantes (Definitely Crush ng Bayan)

Among a bunch of 'talentless', 'pa-cute' teens on TV these days, only Dingdong Dantes has the charm and ability to turn heads. He doesn't have to try hard to appear cute. He is cute. And he can manage to deliver his lines pretty well.

8. Jun Lana / Peter Ong Lim
9. Michael V
10. Judy Ann Santos / Jolina Magdangal
11. Butch Dalisay
12. Kulay

Since we had Blitz's Sexy Men issue, our editors asked us to name our choices for the top 10 Sexy Male celebrities. Here's the Critix Edge's own:

1. Gary Estrada
2. Dingdong Dantes
3. Eric Fructuoso
4. Onemig Bondoc
5. Marvin Agustin
6. Paolo Bediones
7. Blue de Leon
8. Carlos Agassi
9. Troy Montero
10. Harold Pineda / Carlos Morales

Ah, well...let the debates begin! And please don't salivate.