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excerpts from an article by Archie de Calma, Blitz Magazine, 9 February 1999, pp. 48-50

On falling in love with older women or younger girls

Dingdong: "Age doesn't matter. I just don't see myself falling in love with an older woman at this point 'cause my heart is presently with you-know-who (Antoinette). Hopefully, it will be forever.

If my destiny will be for a younger girl or an older woman, I just have to accept it. Love knows no bounds. It's just that I'm falling in love with somebody almost the same age as mine. They say that there's more excitement with falling for older women, but as I said, it's not because of the excitement alone. It should be deeper that that. Needless to say that love comes from the most unexpected time, place and situation."

On sex scandals (President Bill Clinton and Ynez Veneracion, etc.)

Dingdong: "These scandals, in any which way, has taught lessons to celebrities and known people, prompting them to really be more careful. Getting involved in such acts can result into shameful consequences that can be very difficult to face. For people like Clinton, Ynez or even George Michaels (in that public CR at a park where he was caught doing something lewd with somebody), they are people who in any way should be very responsible with their actions. The most important question is, did they really learn something from it? It's up to them if the changes after those incidents have made them into better persons."

On two-timers...

Dingdong: "I'm more of the conservative type, so I abhor two-timing. Being unfaithful is just a fact that states the lack of love in a relationship. Young people should also develop the virtue of faith and loyalty, so that if things go more serious, the foundation will be proven stronger."