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excerpts from an interview by Elisa P. Perez, text by Antonette Valdez, Manila Bulletin, C'est La Vie Section, 13 February 1999, pp. C-1 - C-2

In the '60s, Jose Mari Gonzales, Eddie Gutierrez and Romeo Vasquez brought life to the television sets of young ladies swooning over these heartthrobs' pretty looks.

In the '70s, women fantasized about Manny de Leon, Edgar Mortiz and Tirso Cruz III to be the Romeo to their brown Juliet.

It was not until the '80s did the names Gabby Concepcion, William Martinez and later on Aga Muhlach and Richard Gomez grab the spotlight and made all the girls go gaga over them. With their mestizo looks and suave Adonis stance, no hot-blooded female could resist flocking to their movies and forking over a few pesos to buy their pin-up posters.

When the '90s came, from the erstwhile Guwapings influenced upcoming young male stars to form threesomes.

But for the new millenium, it's got to be these three - Dingdong Dantes, Dino Guevarra and Polo Ravales, better known as the male members of Viva Teen Barkada.

Regularly viewed on the Saturday teen-oriented program "TGIS", the three sends young girls' hormonal temperature into dangerous level. Today's poster boys, tomorrow's leading men.

Dingdong bares his heart on matters about dating, girls, pre-marital sex, being ditched and of course, loving.

C'EST LA VIE: What's V-day for you? DINGDONG: Valentine's day is a day when somebody spends it with someone he/she loves.

CLV: Have you made plans for Valentine's Day? With whom are you spending it with? DD: Yes, of course! With Antoinette Taus, she's someone who's very dear to me.

CLV: What has been your most memorable Valentine? DD: None yet. I'm hoping that this coming Valentine's day would be the most memorable and sweetest one for me.

CLV: What is your idea of a romantic date? DD: Candle-lit dinner in a lighthouse.

CLV: How do you prepare for a date? DD: I just make it a point to look presentable enough.

CLV: How long do you spend grooming yourself? DD: It only takes me 10 minutes to fix myself.

CLV: Who is your dream date? DD: The person I plan to spend it with. I won't tell her, I'd ask her first.

CLV: Which would you prefer, a candle-lit dinner or a walk on the beach? DD: Beach, because you can have candle-lit dinner anywhere. Both could be better though.

CLV: Which would you give, roses or tulips? DD: I'd give roses because I think that's what she likes.

CLV: What do you look for a potential date? DD: Someone who would make that evening unforgettable. Like someone who could converse well, someone who is sensible enought to relate with my ideas.

CLV: Who would you not date? DD: A social climber. A phony.

CLV: How and where do you meet your dates? DD: In her house.

CLV: Do you mind meeting a girl in a bar? DD: Yes, I'd prefer to pick her up at her house in the presence of her parents.

CLV: How do you deal with girls who go out on a date with chaperones? DD: Okay lang. It's not the chaperone whom I'm dating. As long as she's there I see no problem with that.

CLV: Who was your first crush and what did you do to make her notice you? DD: I just wore a smile on my face whenever I would walk by her.

CLV: Do you have first date rules? What are they? DD: None. I believe that everything happens naturally. The situation would dictate us on what to do.

CLV: What makes you go out with a girl again after a first date? DD: If I liked her.

CLV: How do you find girls offering to pay? DD: Pityful.

CLV: How and when do you initiate the first intimate kiss? DD: It depends. But it has to be someone you love.

CLV: How do you flirt without really trying? DD: I wish I knew.

CLV: Do blind dates work for you? DD: Yes it did, before.

CLV: How do you ditch? DD: I don't.

CLV: Has anyone ever broken your heart? Have you ever been ditched? DD: Personal, no comment.

CLV: Tell me about your ideal girl? DD: Sensible, has good sense of values, humorous, humble, petite, jolly, and God-fearing.

CLV: What should a girl never do in front of you? DD: Flirt with guys.

CLV: How are you when you're in love? DD: I love with all that I've got and even become most resourceful to gain what I don't have.

CLV: How much would you do for love? DD: As much till it hurts.

CLV: What is your view on pre-marital sex? DD: It is wrong and should be avoided.

CLV: How much do you value a woman's virginity? DD: As much as I know 'how' she values 'hers.'