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an article by Dolly Anne Carvajal, Dollywood, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Sunday Lifestyle, 31 January 1999, p. F4

Dingdong Dantes unabashedly admitted Antoinette Taus is the most special girl in his life right now. Their relationship is somewhere between attachment and commitment. You know that stage where your heart is neither here nor there but keeps on beating for one particular person, duh?

Dingdong revealed, "Antoinette and I go out a lot, but we have not set any limitations for each other, like, she can't do this and I can't do that. We just enjoy each other's company, and only time can tell if we really end up together. Besides, we're both still very young."

So why did he give her a white-gold ring last Christmas?

He flashed his killer smile. "It's not naman an engagement ring. Just a friendship bond." Hmm....

Since they are not yet officially a couple, what sort of girls would he fall for?

"I like a girl who has good moral values."

"The Maria Clara type?" I countered.

"No naman," he said. "She must be demure, but she should also know how to have fun. Ayoko naman ng sobrang prude!"

I'm almost sure a lot of girls out there would be more than willing to be that kind of woman for this certified Crush ng Bayan.

I teased him, "Your name sounds like wedding bells ringing out loud. So are you the marrying type?"

He blushed. "Yup! But it will take quite some time pa!"