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an excerpt from an article by Eloise Gacoscos, The Manila Times, 8 November 1998, p. 8

The sudden demise of the Bobby Andrews - Angelu de Leon loveteam left Viva Films no choice but to develop new romantic tandems among its assets on television. The studio has placed its bets on the three lead stars of the hit soap opera "Anna Karenina" - Antoinette Taus (17), Kim delos Santos (17) and Sunshine Dizon (15) - and their respective screen partners, Dingdong Dantes (18), Dino Guevarra (19) and Polo Ravales (16). Collectively, their drumbeaters now call them the Viva Teen Barkada.

The loveteams and the barkada will be launched in the movie "Honey, My Love, So Sweet," directed by Boots Plata, to be released on Valentine's Day next year.

So, who among them have the best chances to become the next Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion? Memo to Viva: make sure the girls don't get anywhere near Joko Diaz.


What makes them tick as a loveteam? "Hindi kami plastik," says
Antoinette. "Hindi kami nagiging close o sweet lang para makita ng mga

Adds Dingdong, "It's the sincere interaction between two people."

Things in common: They like to listen to love songs and R&B. They pig out on Japanese food. Their priorities are, in proper order, school, family, and showbiz.

Explains Antoinette, "Showbiz is not everything. Anytime, puwedeng mawala."

Individual differences: "Height," she quips. "He keeps to himself. But once he gets close to someone, malambing din siya."

Says Dingdong, "She's a perfectionist."

The real score: "Hindi kami friends, sweethearts, or lovers," she says. It's a combination of everything," he says. "No words can describe it."

Are they in favor of premarital sex? "It's against God's will," says Dingdong. "It's not proper. Nasa Bible na bad. It's not saying it directly but the Bible says, 'Don't commit adultery."

Antoinette says, "I know myself. I'm a responsible person. It won't happen to me."